That is how she is


While putting down her body to rest on bed, she reminisces memories from the past, contemplating the times when she used to live a contented life. When everything was normal back then. She used to have heaps of friends with whom she spent most of her time guffawing. She was a girl with outgoing personality. Light-hearted, is what she was known for. She had everything a girl could wish for. Her life was as sweet as a cupcake. “Nothing could ever possibly go wrong”, she had said to herself while living her best days in the jiffy.

But, not always, you get what you wish for, God has some other plans for you. For you, to absorb it, for you, to live with it, for you to deal with it. A minute where you are overwhelmed with blessings in your life becomes the one where everything takes a turn for the unexpected.

There was a time when she used to soar with open wings anytime and anywhere. But now, she can’t spread the same wings even if she wants to, because time doesn’t stay the same. And now, she has changed so much, that sometimes she is misunderstood. The girl with an extroverted personality has now turned into an introvert. She badly wants to be the girl who she used to be once, a long time ago. She wants to hang out with her friends, be in love with somebody, and make new friends. But her mind and the circumstances that life has created for her won’t let her change. Instead she finds herself seated at a corner, gazing into emptiness while tears flow down her cheeks. She doesn’t like being at home, because the walls keep taking her back to a time that reminds her how messed up her life is. She wishes to go far away from her troubled life, where only for once, she could be free from all the uncertainties. Most of the time, she occupies herself by doing what she loves. Every now and then, she reads a book, listens to music or writes something. But often she is nowhere to be found.

Cried many times, prayed many times, and hopes everyday that one day this troubled time will pass out of sight. Because she believes in God, and she knows whatever is happening or has happened so far, is for a good cause, she knows how to remain positive and stay strong. She is proud of the woman she is today. Thanks to herself.


Isn’t it weird how always woman are held responsible for house chores, before and after marriage. It has been a stereotype that women are the one who should take active part in household activities. It’s a trend that will never lose its color. It’s always us, being lectured to assist their mom’s in house chores, and if we disagree, get ready for being showered with all the taunts, that’ll ultimately constrain you to do the work. It’s a weapon that our parents will never stop using against us. Instead they should be using this weapon for their sons to make them realize that it’s as important for men to partake in house chores as it is important for women.

I don’t understand the point of women being in charge of all the house work independently. Whether she is a housewife or a working woman. It has been made a liability for a woman to manage the housework wholly and solely.

Let us take an example of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, He is such a great example to every generation. Once, when asked from Aisha (Prophet’s Wife), how the Prophet occupied himself at home, She said, Prophet Muhammad always use to keep himself busy with serving the family. According to a report Aisha has also said, “He did what one of you would do in his house. He mended sandals and patched garments and sewed.” He cooked and cleaned as well, we can see from the life of the best person to have ever lived that he himself used to do chores at home. So start teaching your son the duties and responsibilities of being a man.


For parents, it should be their foremost responsibility to provide awareness to their children on such matters, especially sons. Parents should be encouraging their son for helping their sister and mother in household activities, and for that to happen a father should be a role model for their sons, just when a son see his father making an effort to help his wife in cleaning the house, his son will be following his father’s actions. And will do the same to their spouses when they get married. Couples that share family responsibilities are an excellent example for their children. By sharing the responsibilities, they show that it is acceptable to help each other and they are a good example of what being responsible entails. It all depends on how a child is being brought up and what values are given to them.


Some studies suggest that couples who share household work equally, sustain a healthy relationship. Sharing household duties is also a sign of care and love between two partners. It shows that the other person cares about their partner’s well-being and does not want to overwork his or her spouse. Lending a hand, will always be valued no matter how small the help is.  They will also be a good example to other spouses who burden one partner with household chores. For a couple, the best way is to split the work. Couples should be dividing all the maintenance evenly. Just sit down and decide which ones you will take and which ones you would rather not. Couple who share equal household responsibilities enhance love between them. It also reduces the levels of tension which, actually, prompts the couple to work optimally even in their roles outside their home. Burdening one partner with all household chores can make that partner disengage emotionally in their marriage. It is, therefore, necessary for couples to be equally responsible for domestic work.

So next time you see your sister, mother or even your spouse working alone, make your way up to them and ask them if they need your help.


Have you ever wondered why God has blessed you with thick hair?

Maybe because he wanted you to enjoy the many perks that come along with it. Be grateful and feel lucky. Flip you hair like you are a goddamn star and make people go “WOAH”…

You can be your own Elsa sometimes or Rapunzel at other times and show off how creative you can be with your hair.

But, alas every rose has its thorn and you will realize that life is not that easy to handle and as such, neither is your hair.

 Thick hair brings with it many and various kinds of troubles and it’s not easy to handle them. It’s like being in a love-hate relationship with your hair.

They need your constant attention and you want their commitment in return. Wait but, they rarely live up to your hopes despite all the attention you give them and they can be so mean to you when they’re not in the mood.


 So today I am going to discuss 5 reasons why having thick hair isn’t all that great:


 Be it your friend’s birthday, a day out with your mates or a wedding, you want to look your best and you know that won’t happen without straightening your hair – a process that sometimes that can take hours or even the whole day, because you are not Priyanka Chopra from Pantene’s ad that and running a brush through your hair once won’t magically make them look straightened, shiny and just flawlessly perfect.

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You feel that constant headache by tying your hair into a freakin’ ponytail, it is like a war between you and your hair that never ends.

You end up emptying two full large size shampoos in just a month because it’s hard to form any froth and it requires lots and lots of shampoo to wash your hair properly.

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 Your bobby pins are your best friend or, at times, your worst enemy. If you want to tie your hair up for an occasion it usually requires a lot of bobby pins, they either work for you conveniently or then you lose them somewhere in your hair and the search for them can take you an endless amount of time which is exasperating.


It’s an enormous nuisance having all those people bombard you with tons of stupid questions if you cut your hair short even if get them slightly trimmed, at times you can’t help but think if you’ve offended them by cutting your hair short or if it is somehow a sin to do as you please with your hair.